Holiday Yoga Gift Guide 2017

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Holiday Yoga Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: my gift to you. This guide will help you find the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life!

1. Fox Valley Handmades: the most amazing soy candles, I always have the Nag Champa burning! Handmade tams, tops, hip hemp and more!
2. Art Your Magic Out: breathtaking hand drawn mandalas and more. A sweet soul and talented artist in Scotland with Christmas cards hot off the press and fantastic adult coloring pages.
3. Save Serenity: handmade healing malas, bracelets and anklets. Beautifully made and they come with information about the healing properties. Great woman on a great mission.
4. Leenie Hobbie, Herbalist: don't take junky pills for your vitamin and mineral needs. She has a Wonder Woman Elixir with all bio-available herbal true vitamins and minerals. She's a botanical medicine cabinet--tell her your problem and she'll have what you need.
5. The Inspired Spirit: stones and crystals for healing can be sold alone or made into custom jewelry, or pick from what she has made in her stop! My fave-essential oil scents with a stone rollerball! Heather is very knowledgeable and eager to help you.
6. Love Bottle: recycled glass bottles wrapped in fun art will make saving the planet and yourself so easy. The bottles are also stamped with love so your water feels the effect and feeds it to you. It's true!
7. Natural Violet: all natural and safe for your skin soaps, shampoo bars, bath salts and sample sets. Yummy! Absolutely can't go wrong with this gift!
8. And of course, Tranquilityoga! Shop the site for the latest handmade with love accessories and gifts for yoga teachers, friends, family and YOURSELF!
Happy shopping and have a wonderful holiday season!

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