Restorative Yoga Poses: Welcome to the New Series!

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Restorative Yoga Poses: Welcome to the New Series!

Begin to Restore Yourself

Welcome yogis and friends! This is the beginning of a renewing journey together. I am building a bank of blog posts for you that spotlight and guide you through restorative yoga poses. I know you've been curious to see what all the excitement is about in the restorative yoga field. Well now you can be in the know! First, let's talk about why restorative yoga is the most important type of yoga. Slash that-the most important type of any physical activity. Or is it inactivity?

Why Restorative Yoga?

There are many styles of yoga. It can get confusing when you try to figure out what they all mean, but restorative yoga is very different. This style of yoga aims to get you into position, physically and mentally, to allow your body to do its best healing. Our body's are built to heal. After injury our body immediately goes into healing action. After emotional trauma, our psyche begins to protect from it in the future, possibly storing the effects somewhere in our body, such as our shoulders or hips. Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., author and restorative expert, calls restorative yoga "the antidote to stress." Think about it. Our bodies are fighting the forces that hurt us and moving toward perfect health 24/7/365. Help it out and get restoring!

Doing Restorative Yoga

Have you been holding a pose during your regular practice and noticed your muscles letting go a little? You get a bit deeper into the pose? Have you felt your shoulders give in to Corpse Pose and relax down to the mat and you didn't realize you were even tense there? When our muscles and mind "let go" the healing channels open up wide. Restorative yoga is this place. With time in each pose and support in certain areas we can let the body do what it was built to do--return to, and stay in, perfect health.

How to Heal the Body and Mind

In the next blog post, I will talk more about using time and support (props! yay!) to get our bodies into healing mode. Then we'll get down onto the mat and get into the restorative poses one at a time. I'm going to get down there with you and share my experiences. I want you to join me and share your experiences too.

Let's return to health and stay that way!

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