The most important thing you'll read today--possibly in your life

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The most important thing you'll read today--possibly in your life

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for coming first of all, I'm honored for your time. This is going to be the most useful thing you read for a long time.

I was listening to a great episode today on The Profit First Podcast, by Mike Michalowicz. Kelly Ruta, an experienced psychotherapist, gave some really good suggestions for working with your mind set, or beliefs. Most of us, no matter how cookie-cutter nice our childhoods, we ended up having some beliefs or habits that don't serve us well in our adulthoods. We all have them and we want to change some of them. For my, mine is about money. I come from a "lacking" mentality, it was everywhere when I was learning about how to be a little person in this scary world. There was never enough money, we couldn't afford it, that was for rich people, I am different than those people, go to school, to a good school, work hard, quit dreaming.

Now, at almost 40 years old, I've realized those same beliefs are not mine. They never were mine! They were put into my head and I didn't get a chance to think for myself until now. I know this sounds familiar. It doesn't have to be about money. Maybe it's about your body image. Or your sexuality. Maybe it's about your own self-worth. I learned something on the podcast. Our conscious mind is at work 5% of the time. The other 95% of the time our subconscious is working behind the scenes, doing it's everyday, mundane, stay alive tasks. Here's the difference. I can consciously tell myself I can make plenty of money and I can even say I deserve it. But our subconscious mind, the one that tells me I'm not like rich people, or I can't make more money than my parents, and your body isn't perfect because it doesn't fit in these stupid societal ideals, it is talking to us under our radar. Our subconscious is trying to keep us in the status quo for safety. It's made to do that. We can't beat ourselves up because our incredible brain is keeping us alive and doing it's job. That's actually remarkable!

We can do something about it and it's easy. Our subconscious mind does not process with language, like English or Spanish. Its language is emotion and sensory. So I can't tell it to think, "I am rich, I am worthy." It won't understand that. I have to put some power, emotion and imagery to it. I have to somehow translate my new belief that I can have a big fat bank account into emotion and sensory information. Now, get really clear about your goal, what do you want? Not what you want but what you want it to do for you. I want a big fat bank account. I want the happy, giddy feeling of financial security and no more panic, of money actually growing somewhere, making me more money. Kelly Ruta says to write it down. Writing is sensory. Or use a mirror and speak aloud-that's visual and the physical sensations of embarrassment or awkwardness will talk to the subconscious. One of the podcast co-hosts goes to the mirror, pretends she's on the phone with her best friend/sister and tells her all about it. Like this: Hi sis, I checked my retirement account today and I could stop working now but I really like what I'm doing, so I'm going to keep working. Yeah, I took a check to the animal shelter last week. It was $9500. That should cover this month's vet bills so I will take another one next month. Maybe I should have it auto drafted. That'd be easier but I love seeing all the puppies." This kind of talk puts the feeling behind your words and the subconscious mind hears it loud and clear.

Here's the kicker. Do this everyday and each evening before bed jot a note down. Write how this new belief you want presented itself in your day. Don't grumble about having one more thing to do everyday, because I did. Kelly says the first few days nothing will come to mind, you won't think of anything probably. But keep at it, around the fifth day you'll see it. You'll see evidence that it's changing. It'll present itself in your day somehow. Write that down. Now, your subconscious resistance to this new way of thinking will start to dissolve. It will flood in. Whatever you're trying to open up to will rush in.

It's serious. If we don't do something different nothing will ever change. If we don't change this...what will happen? What will we miss? What will life be like in 10 years if we don't change this thought pattern? Is it worth the few minutes a day for a couple weeks? Well, IS IT?

PS-If you want more information, or don't think I explained it well enough for you, look up Kelly Ruta or listen to the podcast I mentioned. It's worth losing all that baggage to just go look it up and try the little exercise. I'm going to. I want to see what kind of life I can really have!

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