Why I'm Here

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Why I'm Here

Things that scare me...

The unknown is scary isn't it? Like driving to a new city, learning how to use a sewing machine, trying to build a website, photography!? Eek! It's not just scary but it can halt you in your tracks. You shy away from that in the future, you say it's too hard, you let someone else do it for you or some other avoiding behavior. Wine was like that for me at one time. I knew nothing about it and didn't want to touch it. It scared me. There were so many people that knew so much about it! How could I ever get a toe in to that whirlpool of knowledge? You start at step one I suppose, you just take off your shoe, you just take a sip. You just ask. How can fear make something seem so difficult?

Being Creative

When you were in daycare/preschool/camp did you color and draw pictures? Did you paint while wearing a shiny little smock? Did you use yarn and weave it around nails on a wood block? Did you eat any glue? Or crayons? Those big fat ones in the middle of your group desks?  I sure did! I didn't eat any art but I made a lot of it and even went on to take an after school art class that only took the most talented kids. I played a few musical instruments. I loved to write short stories. Then, as I learned to hate myself as a teenager, I forgot all of my gifts. Gifts made you stand out and that was not a good idea. I stood out enough for other reasons that I couldn't hide. Years passed. And more years. Lots of years.

Where Do Your Gifts Go?

I would guess it was 27ish years before I realized I'm okay the way I am. Inside and outside. I fell into the yoga world and it's teachings. I began to like my body and feel really good. Positive energy was growing in me and around me. That was a healthy ground. Many things have been built off that and one of them was learning to sew. The sewing machine scared me like the wide world of wine. I liked being creative. It wasn't just something I liked, it made me feel ALIVE. Energized and light, free and confident, it was like a new world! It turned me on like a switch. Color, style, texture, function. There were endless combinations.


I embrace this newly found (but really lurking in me the whole time) passion of mine by creating so many different things. If I need it I want to make it. If others need it I want to make it for them. With Tranquilityoga, a combination of my two biggest passions, yoga and making, I bring items into the marketplace for people like you to enjoy too. It was so nice to carry my yoga mat in a bag instead of a roll under my arm. It was wonderful to finally rest on my own yoga bolster in the comfort of my own home. The most convenient item in the shop--the yoga mat wrap--keeps my mat rolled up no matter where I am or where it rests. These are for you too! Yogis need them and I want you to enjoy the ease they can bring to your practice.

Head over to the shop pages, find a handmade bolster or a mat bag or wrap that speaks to you and looks good with your mat, click on the button and I'll make it up with love and good intentions and send it to your doorstep. Easy! This is what I'm here to do and I enjoy every second. I enjoy even more getting to connect with you so please reach out with questions, comments, requests, anything. We're all in this together!

Namaste my friends,


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