What in the world is a ZAFU?

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What in the world is a ZAFU?

What in the world are zafus?

The Meditation Cushion

Zafus are excellent for your sitting posture while meditating, they can lift your seat up to help in yoga poses and they're great when you just need a cushy place to sit. they are circular with a pleated wall so it can relax outwards when you sit. The small buckwheat hulls inside fill your cushion in just the right way, moving around your seat bones and pelvis for the most comfortable support. There is an easy carry handle so you can take it in any room, out onto the deck or porch, or on a walk to sit in the woods with it, like I do some mornings.

Carefully open the zipper to remove or add some of the buckwheat hull filling. You can add more to raise the level and feel of your seated position or remove some to lower your seat. Keeping your knees below your hip joints is most comfortable, especially for any length of time. Generally, the more open your hips become the lower your comfortable sitting level. Your comfort is the most important factor, no matter what position you like to sit in.  If you need more filling let me know and I'll show you how to order more.

My zafu specifications

Dimensions: 12" (35.6 cm) diameter x 5.5" (15.2 cm) tall, will shift and fill out as you move it.

These are the fabric dimensions, it will shift and change as you find your comfortable seat.

Weight: approximately 4 lbs. (2.3 kg)


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