Handmade Yoga Gear Just For You!

Tranquilityoga, a small, woman-owned, artisan business, is where you will find beautifully handmade meditation and yoga accessories.

These tools for your yoga practice are carefully crafted in the living mountains of West Virginia, USA. A place where people connect with life and are moved by it and live by it.
I am passionate about the practice of daily meditation and yoga and want to help you to experience all the wonderful benefits in your own practice.

Yoga changes the lives of all who step on the mat in ways unimaginable. Yoga is healthy for our fragile human minds, indeed our bodies, and through to our souls. It's not just being flexible. It's about where you are. What you need. Mentally, physically, spiritually, any-ally. Yoga will give you what you need if you open up to it.

Through Tranquilityoga I want you to heal, feel comfort, feel strong, brave, humble. I want you to feel inner peace and harmony. Truly, it is there for you in epic proportions. Reach out to it in any way that you are able and it will fill your hands and heart to overflowing!

Connect with me! Maybe you have a yoga question or maybe you'd like something custom made just for you!

Email: tranquilityoga1@gmail.com

Facebook: @tranquilityogashop

Instagram: @tranquilityoga_

Website: tranquilityogahandmade.com

Blog: tranquilityogahandmade.com/blogs/my-blog


Love and light,