Yoga Eye Pillow Aromatherapy - Pink and Yellow Little Flowers

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Eye Pillow for yoga (or relaxation of any kind) hand crafted and filled with smooth and comfy flax seed and aroma of your choice. This eye pillow has light blue with green feather batik fabric cover.

Choose from these scents during check out:
-Lavender scent is from lavender buds.
-Eucalyptus is essential oil.
-Peppermint is essential oil.
-Headache is an essential oil blend specifically for headaches.

Dimensions: 9.5 in. ( 24.1 cm) by 4.5 in. ( 12.7 cm)
Weight: 8 oz. ( 226.8 g)

The fill of tiny flax seeds conforms perfectly to the shape of your face and the perfect weight puts a soft touch on your forehead, bridge of nose and eyes. The gentle, pleasing aromas calm your nervous system and help your body move into the relaxation response where it does its best healing work. Take your scrumptious eye pillow and lay it across your eyes to block out lights, unnecessary thoughts and worries and bring you to a place of peaceful healing.

The cover is removable and washable so don't worry if it was a sweaty yoga class or you use it with your make up on. Wash it in cold water just to be safe and lay it out to dry or put it in a mildly warm dryer. A hot iron will press it perfectly. Don't wash the inner bag please.

Cool your eye pillow by placing it in the freezer, making sure it’s in a sealed plastic bag so it doesn't absorb odors (the same way baking soda does). It feels quite refreshing first thing in the morning! It also feels wonderful if you have sinus inflammation or tired eyes from looking at a computer or driving all day. Let me know how it helps you!

Warm up your eye pillow by placing it in the microwave on a clean dish for 15 seconds at a time. You definitely don't want to get it too hot, or cooked! Don't walk away from the microwave--how many times have you meant to set it for 1 minute and accidentally set it for 10? I'm not answering. Once it's warm enough you can use it on your face, head, hands, neck, anywhere the heat and wonderful scent will feel good. It feels nice on the abdomen or lower back if you're experiencing ever-so-wonderful monthly cramps or on the neck and shoulders if you slept funny the night before.