Yoga Mat Wrap - Orange Star

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Yoga Mat Wrap in a cheerful orange with lighter mandala-like designs.

Yoga Mat Wraps velcro around your rolled mat in a flash! For a great price you can have a priceless tool for your yoga practice. Now you can maneuver the mat under your arm, into your bag, set it up against something, etc.

Think how simple it will be to roll up your mat, pop your sleeve around it and go! Or roll it up, pop it on and stash it wherever you like. Even if you have a bag or sling to carry your mat you have to roll it up first and it has to STAY rolled up. So handy!

Mine sits right to the side of where I practice with a bolster, block and meditation pillow. All this is in my living room, hence the need to roll up the mat and stash it to the side—without it unrolling!

I made a bag (in my shop!) but after every practice, putting it back in the bag only to take it out again the next day seemed like too much. Plus, it kept opening up in the bag and made it harder to get out. *Light bulb moment!* I went to the sewing machine with my favorite fabric and began the wrap prototype. I still use it every day!

You won’t remember how you managed without your Yoga Mat Wrap!

Very Important: Also makes a great gift for a yoga lover (yogi)!

Finished measurements:

Small: approximately 16” (40.6cm) long by 4” (10.2cm) wide, will wrap around a length of 11” (28cm) up to 15” (38.1cm) Perfect for thin to medium/thin mats. Fits my Jade mat perfectly.

Large: SOLD OUT!!! approximately 20” (50.8cm) long by 4” (10.2cm) wide, will wrap around a length of 16” (40.6cm) up to 19” (48.3cm) Great for medium/thick to thick mats. Way too big for my Jade mat.

If these won’t work for you please let me know and I will make something that will! I jump at the chance to be creative and play with fabric ;)!!! One of my favorite things is working one on one and getting to know my customers!